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5 good reasons you should subscribe to us.

  1. Think about your health –  Laughing makes you live longer. Professional unicorns estimate that your life will be elongated by 300 years if you subscribe to us!
  2. We don’t BS – Because BS is for bulls, calves, and yearling bulls [baby bulls]
  3. Our writers are unique – We don’t have any average Joe’s as our writers. We have extremely high end midgets who are squeezed down into our servers and provide you with great content.
  4. Beagles – As soon as you subscribe to us via email or our RSS feed, we will personally ship a dozen fresh New York beagles right to your front door.
  5. Do it, or else… We will have Nagwal [a very angry midget] hunt you down and shove cheap old starbucks coffee down your esophagus.

Hopefully you have made your mind to subscribe to our RSS feed, or email list.


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  1. bogus / Nov 30 2011 1:43 am

    don’t see much sarcasm here… let alone content 🙂

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