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February 26, 2011 / Eating Sharks

Making yourself fly tutorial. [photoshop]

The epic flying effect

How exactly do you make this epic flying effect?

Ps. Inspiration for this picture: Cole Rise.

Step 1: Take 2 pictures. The first picture should be of your background as seen here. This is called the background plate.

Step 2: Without moving the camera, take a second picture in which you sit on an office chair and pretend to “fly”. You should take out the back rest part of the chair by unscrewing the bolt below the chair. The images should look like this. Use the timer on the camera.

Tip: Minor movement of the camera are acceptable, and will not be noticed in the final result.

Step 3: PHOTOSHOP! In the picture with yourself chilling on a chair, use the pen tool to draw a mask around yourself. Then cut yourself out of the picture with the chair and paste yourself into the background plate. Add some drop shadows to yourself, and your done. That was easy!


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