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January 8, 2011 / Eating Sharks

Who is Ted Williams?

Ted Williams before and after

Ted Williams before and after

So if you’ve been on the internet within the past week you have most likely seen this video of Ted Williams and his golden voice. [YouTube].

He has started coming on TV shows, and started getting job offers.

Good luck Ted Williams.

Here is a viral video analyses:

Right at the start of 2011, a YouTube video called “Homeless Man w/ Golden Radio
Voice” went viral. I remember watching the video one night when it
was at 7 million views and watching it increase to 11 million by
the next morning. The video is basically a guy recording Williams
from his car. Williams was holding a sign that said he was an
ex-announcer that failed and needed help. Williams displayed his
unique voice and the video goes on to a sort of interview. Williams
states that the development of his voice sparked
when he met a radio announcer in person during a school field trip.
Williams noticed that the announcer looked nothing like what he
sounded and decided to develop his own voice. The original video
had around 13 million views before it was pulled down due to
copyright claims. However, many copies exist on YouTube, so you
should be able to find the original. After his video went viral,
Williams has been interviewed on various shows such as The
Early Show
and Today. The “Homeless
Man w/ Golden Radio Voice” has
since received many job offers and, as of January
7th, has been officially hired by MSNBC. Ted Williams has screwed
up once, but luckily he has received a second chance, if
not more.


For More:
Comment Question:
Do you think that Ted Williams
deserved a second chance after abusing drugs and alcohol?
(note that he has been clean for 2 years now)
Answer in the comment section below.

[update 1] Here is a mugshot of Ted Williams –


Ted Williams mug shot



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