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August 12, 2010 / pkoyada

Charlie St. Cloud: The Review

Zack Effron on the set of Charlie St. Cloud

Zack Effron on the set of Charlie St. Cloud

Hey, its everybody’s favorite review blogger again. This time, its Charlie St. Cloud in the hotseat. Right off the bat, I can tell you one thing about this movie. No, its not one of those high-budget films. And no, its not exactly original. Let me explain. Charlie St. Cloud was originally the work of one Ben Sherwood. This book was supposedly good, even though I have never read it myself. Then Bur Steers just has this prophetic vision, which went something like this: “Jesus! I should turn one of those books all those modern city folk read into one of these movies I direct. It’s a good idea, and it will earn millions and millions at the box office! I just know it!” Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out that way for Steers. Either he was in a state of hallucination, or he was spending time with Pitof, director of infamous box office flop “Catwoman”. The film had a 44 million dollar budget, one that makes moderately good movies. The budget did no good for Charlie St. Cloud, as its Gross Revenue was only 23,500,000 dollars. Over the last weekend, me and another blogger on this site, Z, as you may call him, watched ‘To Save A Life”, an extremely low budget Christian film. By comparison, it only had a MILLION dollar budget, and it made 3,780,975 dollars as its gross revenue. According to my Indian calculations, if “To Save A Life” had a 44 million dollar budget, it would have had made 170,500,000 at the box office. Yeah, a huge improvement. Also a huge disappointment on Charlie St. Cloud, as it didn’t reach its expectations.

Cause of this movie, I had to blend in as a man in his middle age crisis. Balls.

Simply said in my opinion, Zac Efron had the potential to do much better. 17 Again made a profit of 23 mil on its opening weekend. HMS3 made a profit of 42 mil on its opening weekend. Charlie St. Cloud, should bury its head in shame due to making only 12.3 mil during opening weekend. If Zac’s reading this, then I got one thing to say. Go ask Danny Ortega for HMS4. The only other way you’ll recover is if you star in Inception 2. Which you probably couldn’t understand or handle. This is Koyada, signing off.

*In my opinon, Zac Efron is the best actor ever. Please don’t come and beat me up after reading this. And I’m not being sarcastic in this statement. REAAAALY. 🙂


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