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August 9, 2010 / Eating Sharks

Top videos on Vimeo

Vimeo is one of my favorite video sharing websites. It has people who are really creative, and videos that don’t waste your time {unlike YouTube}. If you haven’t already signed up for vimeo then your missing out on a lot.

Anyways I went through and found some of the top videos on vimeo. These videos show how creative the vimeio communite is. If you are intrested in watching these videos please continue reading…

LIQUIFY! by AiraA beautiful wet slow motion video made by a dude named Aira. I loved the colors in this video. And he shot this video at a really high fps (frames per second) which allowed him to pull that smooth slow motion effect. And I guess I’m sharing this video with you guys because it is summer, and this video gives a great summery feel. :] ENJOY IT :]


Summer Edit With Marcello is another great summer looking video (its actually made by my friend Jack). He put so much hard work into it so I had to share it with you guys ūüėÄ He did a great job of syncing the back ground music with the video.


Ted Chung has some amazing  videos:

<<— You MUST see these two videos.¬†Absolutely¬†amazing!

The first video is A thousand Words. The second one is called Mike’s. I won’t tell you why I like these videos, but after you see them you will understand

I love Ted Chungs style of Black and white and simple characters who don’t talk much. Makes for a great video.

Leap is a science fiction movie that has takes you on a wild ride in 8 minutes and then leaves you wanting more. ITS A MUST SEE!!

With-out-a-doubt this is one of my favorite videos on vimeo. It makes me wana go outside and make my on epic movie ūüėÄ



Shadows РA wonderful video about shadows. This video is so cool and makes you think about all the how the director used shadows as the main subject in this video. Really cool


Ultraman is based of some super hero who doesn’t really exist anymore. This is my favorite animation film on vimeo. I wonder consider it 100% animation because the¬†background¬†is real. But its still beautiful:]




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