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August 9, 2010 / beautifulscenic

The (Most Brain Scrambling) Inception Explanation

There are really only two possible questions to ask yourself after seeing “Inception”: “What the hell just happened?” and “What the hell does it all mean?” But before you can answer the second question, you’ve got to tackle the first. And if you’re anything like us, you could use a little help figuring it all out. Thankfully, there’s a whole bunch of graphic designers out there with lots of time (yay unemployment!) and lots of brains who have committed to explaining the story in infographic form. We’ve gathered up the six best from the far-reaches of the Internet and present them here to you just in case your brain is still hurting like ours is.

From Dehas at Deviant Art, this infographic is the “Inception” of “Inception” infographics. It attempts to explain the chronology of the dreams, who went where and how they got out of it. If someone could kindly make us an infographic to explain this infographic, that would be greatly appreciated.

Click read more to view the images:


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