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April 3, 2010 / Eating Sharks

iPad launched.

Today is April 3rd 2010, and the iPad is finally out. The iPad is a big deal. It’s almost as big as the iphone. All apple products are amazing, but they all have problems. The ipads problems (so far):

  • No flash – Flash is not installed, so most videos and webpages do not work the same.
  • No USB – That is understandable because it is an apple product, however a USB would have been nice.
  • No speakers? – Out of the box for $500+ you will not get head phones. Why? I don’t know…
  • Time to type – Lets face it, it has a touch screen. Typing on a touch screen works for a short while but then you get tired. How ever if you have a mac keyboard it will connect. (Mouses don’t connect)
  • No webcam – Webcaming via the skype app would be amazing. Maybe there will be one on the iPad 2.0 or iPad S? I wonder what they will call the next iPad…
  • Only one email at a time – The mail app only allows you to have one email address at a time.

Apple iPad hits US stores video:

PCMag YouTube review for the iPad:


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