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February 25, 2010 / Eating Sharks, is a COOL search engine.

What is I know you have probably never heard about it. But let me fill you in on it:

It’s a search engine that looks…cool. They have tried to make the results look like a newspaper. You can see timelines, and other graphics that make the results look great.

Cuil was released almost 2 years ago, but how come no one knows/uses it? Simple: It sucks. Sure they have an awesome domain name but that’s about all that’s cool about them.

Reasons it sucks: The search engine looks for websites/pages that have the search words used most. Not popularity. So for the search “Michael Jackson” it didn’t show results about his death. So people who use cool get the information after it’s been scrawled by other search engines. I apologize for the nerd talk here. Any ways in other words:

Although Cuil has the most websites to search, the results it displays are pathetic.


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