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February 21, 2010 / Eating Sharks

Facebook lite shut down

Update: Facebook has shut down Facebook lite. They said it would be too much work handling so many different versions of Facebook.

A new type of facebook has been out for quite a while. And it’s called lite (but if you  had eyes you’d see the image above). Out of facebook’s 400 million active users only 60 thousand users know about it (according to it’s fan page).

Facebook LiteYou can check it out at It is called lite because it loads up much faster then the normal facebook.

Reasons this would be good:

  1. The internet connection your stealing from your neighbor is weak.
  2. Your in a country with spotty internet. (Lite does support all the facebook languages).
  3. Your on your PS3. I found it to work much better then the normal fb.
  4. You are pissed of at your normal facebook.

About a week ago facebook lite added a new feature which allows you to set facebook lite as your default facebook.

I definitely recommend you check out lite. I love how fast it loads, and the clean interface  is great.

Be sure to check out my newest post on the new facebook mobile.


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